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It'll be great to see it running on a megadrive ;D

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check out quinpl / nail 'n' scale for msx and gb, respectively


oh thats pretty cool i hadn't heard of that before!

This is exactly what I needed in my life. A perfectly balanced out difficulty curve and an awesome soundtrack + visuals. I love it! 

Epic platformer.  A must buy.

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Really like the game so far! Noticed one bug though, if you restart the room from the pause menu the music stops playing until you exit to the main menu and choose the stage again. Runs great otherwise though!

Just uploaded a fix, thanks!


Super fun game. Great to zone out and work through a few levels. Would love to see this on mobile someday in the future. Has both style and personality, take my money already.

I love the core mechanic! I'm really looking forward to some hard levels you come up with!


Great game (even with what you've got so far)!
Fun mechanics and just the right level of difficulty (for someone like me!)
All the best!  :D