Preview Build Released!

A new preview build of [Speer] is now up for you to play! You can download it below this post.

This one is in beta status, meaning it almost reflects the final game design-wise. Note however that this preview only contains 20 stages, while the final game will have 100. Also, the final game will of course have even more puzzles, gimmicks and hazards! This downloadable build is only meant to whet your appetite a bit and to get me feedback so I can make some final adjustments before the game goes on sale.

Want to help out?

There is something simple you can do to help me out if you feel like it. When you play [Speer], a file called stats.log will be created in the same folder as the executable. This file contains info on your playtime which will help me fine-tune the game. (I've kept it in plain text by the way, so that you can see what you're sending me. I would of course ask you not to change any of the data...) So if you could send me this file after you're done playing you would really help me out a lot! You can either send it via email to or post it to a site like pastebin.

I know it's a bit guerrilla-style, but I really didn't want to stick any online analytics stuff in the game.

Anyway, you can download the build below. Please try it out, spread the word and let me know your thoughts!


Preview Build (Win) 5 MB
Version 1 Nov 21, 2017

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