Well, this day had to come sooner or later: [Speer] is now officially released and available for your buying, downloading and playing pleasure!

Grab your Speer and use it to fight your way through this hardcore puzzle-platformer! Throw your Speer into walls and use it as a platform, hurl it at switches, hit enemies in the face with it, power it up with unique abilities...the possibilities are endless!*

Each room is filled with obstacles and items, from spikes and lasers to portals, bouncepads and breakable walls. In order to make it through the 100+ levels you'll have nothing but your Speer, your wits and your reflexes. Are you up to it? Then grab [Speer] right now and put your skills to the test!

  • Use your Speer as a makeshift platform
  • 100 levels spread across 4 worlds
  • Secrets to unlock
  • Pixels (big ones)
  • Stuck? Skip levels and revisit them later!

*The possibilities are not endless


Full Game (Windows) 9 MB
Version 1 Dec 20, 2017
Full Game (Linux 32bit) 12 MB
Version 1 Dec 20, 2017

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any chance of a steam release, and if so would you implement steam achievements? thanks in advance for your time.

Yes and yes! A Steam release is definitely coming, although I can't divulge any details yet. But when it does, achievements will definitely be in there!