Devlog #28: Release Date!

Well, the day had to come, didn't it? The day to announce another special day. That's right, Go! Go! PogoGirl now has a release date:

January 26th 2022!

I know, I know - I kept saying the game would release this year. That was my goal, and it wasn't easy for me to postpone it. But in the end, it was the best for the game, and for me.

If you follow me on Twitter or Patreon, you'll know by now that I kind of burnt out recently. University work (one of my many "real life" jobs) kicked me in the nuts so hard my ears flew off, and it all just kinda became too much. And while I've taken some steps to mitigate that, I'm still in a pretty wonky mental state right now.

Considering this, it would have been a reckless idea to schedule the game to release this year, especially since it would have to be done before Christmas. The final phase of development is usually were the most issues arise, and it's also usually followed by the final-final and the final-ultimate-final phases, so...yeah, I'd have to really rush things (and probably kill myself in the process) in order to get it done.

But with the new release date, I can now breathe a bit, knowing that I'll have enough time to finish, polish, and test the game before release, all without going too insane. In fact, just announcing the date already made me feel better, because these past few weeks I've been questioning constantly whether I should delay the game or not...and now that this decision has finally been made, it's a huge load off.

But anyway. The game has a release date and I've got a todo list. And I hope you got the hype!

Thank you for understanding, thank you for the support, and thank you for being excellent. Stay tuned for a few more updates before the game bounces onto virtual shelves next year!

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