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The game will release on January 26th 2022! Please wishlist the game on Steam now! 

Jump on your pogo stick and bounce, bounce, bounce!

Go! Go! PogoGirl is a dynamic, cute and wholesome platformer about a girl and her pogo stick. Bounce your way through the world, collect gems and then bounce some more!


  • Never stop bouncing - never stop platforming!
  • 4 seasons with 5 levels each
  • Bouncy boss fights
  • Find hidden gems and unlock goals
  • More things!

Go! Go! PogoGirl is currently in development. I regularly post devlogs on my progress, so follow this game on itch.io if you want to stay in the loop!

You can find more info, blogs and tutorials on my website.

The amazing artwork in the header was done by Robert Keder (@lobsterblues on Twitter)!

This game is still in development and will release later in 2021. If you want to support the development and receive access to early builds with unannounced features, join my Patreon!

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Is the game able to be purchased here on Itch? I don’t see an option.

That's because the game isn't out yet! I could've sworn it said so somewhere on the page, but apparently I was just imagining things. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Anyway, I added a note now!

Once the game releases later this year it'll be available for purchase here and on Steam!

Ohhh ok - thanks for the update! Excited to try it! :-)

Thank you! Just in case you missed it, I have a playable demo out right now: https://sonicfangameshq.com/forums/showcase/go-go-pogogirl.1030/

That new sprite is very well done, it reminds me a lot of arcades from the 80s 90s like Rainbow Island.

I don’t download this game via itch desktop because the game isn’t marked as a windows game

Sorry about that, should be fixed now!

That was excellent! I got almost all collectibles on all levels (except the shield). The boss kicked my ass a dozen times. Very fun!

My only question is about the stomp mechanic. I could not find a good use for it.

Thank you! The stomp was originally just meant to give you height more quickly than a charged bounce, and it also lets you bounce off enemies really high. I'm already thinking about improving it though, since I agree that there is not much actual use for it!