Just a quick announcement: [Speer] now runs at a widescreen resolution!

Usually that wouldn't be worthy of an announcement I suppose, but I did have to think about this for a while. I'm usually a fan of the 4:3 aspect ratio (especially when it comes to retro games) so I was a bit reluctant to deviate from that. However, I think it's the best choice for the game.

[Speer] is a room-based puzzle game, so the more of the room you see at any one time the better. The change in aspect ratio gives me 6 more tiles to work with horizontally which makes quite a difference in densely packed levels. It also prevents unnecessary scrolling; I had levels where only 2 tiles were outside the original view, and forcing the game to scroll just for that feels a bit backwards, _especially_ when the screen looks cut off in fullscreen. It just made the most sense to go widescreen.

I think I'm happy with the change and I'm already using this extra space to come up with some more devious levels, so you can look forward to that!

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