Sparkballs, Switches and Alphas!

Hey everyone, welcome to a short but sweet update! I've started adding more features to [Speer] and it's starting to almost look like a real game now.

 Say hello to the first enemy, the Sparkball! These guys will follow a certain path around a stage and knock your Speer out of walls when they touch it. There's no way to kill them, so you'll just have to be quick and smart!

The second thing I've added are switches and doors. Those do pretty much exactly what you'd expect, so...yeah. That sounded more exciting in my head.

Oh and speaking of exciting, here are some exciting news: I will upload a public (pre-)alpha of [Speer] next week! With this project I'm trying to get you, the players, involved as early as possible so I'll whip up some stages for you to mess around in and get a feel for the controls and the game. I'm hoping to get lots of feedback (both positive and negative of course!) so stay tuned and please feel free to share this page with anyone you think might enjoy the game!

Thank you for reading and I'll see you next week!

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