Introducing: Power Gems!

Time for another update, and this time it's a big one!

While trying to come up with ways to exploit the game's core mechanic without making it too convoluted I stumbled upon an idea that I would now like to present to you. Introducing: Power Gems!

What are Power Gems you ask? Well, they are gems scattered around the levels of [Speer] that will help you on your way. They come in different colors and each one will have a different effect. Here you can see the yellow one just sort of chilling on the floor:

You might also notice that there's no way for you to reach the exit with your regular set of skills, as a large part of the middle wall is covered with non-stick metal plates. And that's (of course) where the gems come in! do you use them? Why, by skewering them with your speer of course. Behold:

As you can see, skewering a gem against a wall shatters it and bestows a new power on your speer: In case of the yellow one, it turns it into a bouncepad that you can use to launch yourself off of. Wee!

I hope that Power Gems will add a new layer of complexity and movement to the game, without making it too bloated or the mechanics too complex. Because in the end, you're just doing what you're always doing in the game: Throwing your speer at stuff!

That's it for this log. Follow me on Twitter for regular updates and sneak peeks and stay tuned to find out what all the other gems do!

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