Thinking with Dusty Portals

Quick update this time around as I was in the hospital for a busted knee and didn't get around to doing all that much interesting stuff...or maybe I should say: interesting stuff that I can show off right now...? Oh yes, you'd better believe something big is coming soon!

Anyway, I've added some dust effects to make the game seem a bit more lively and dynamic. I'm always a fan of the little things in games, and I feel like the devil sitting in the details can make a good game great. Not sure if that's the case here but at least it looks spiffy!

The other thing I've added is portals. Yes, of course this game was going to have portals in it. Currently they only work for Speers, although I am considering making them work for the player too. I'll have to see if I can come up with some puzzles that would justify adding that feature. I want to keep this game focused and clean, so everything should have a purpose. If you have any ideas, let me know!

And that laser barrier you see there? That kills you. Your Speer however can pass through, as you can see...

And that's it for this small update. As I said I'm working on something big which I can hopefully show you guys soon. Another thing I've got cooking are some blog posts spotlighting the various tools I'm using to make [Speer]. So if you're into that sort of thing (or just the game I guess) make sure to follow the project here on and stalk me on Twitter for more frequent updates!

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I just played the alpha a few days ago and really enjoyed it! Speer looks like a really cool game and right up my alley (I love puzzles).

Small suggestion: maybe add a dust animation when you land as well?

Also, what happens if you use portals to shoot a Speer at yourself?

Thank you very much! I've added some dust on landing to see what it looks like.

Right now throwing a Speer at yourself doesn't do anything. Might change that if I can think of an interesting thing to do with it...