Throwing Things and More!

Time for another update and this time it's a big one!

You know what's great? Hands. You can do all sorts of magical things with them, like picking things up, throwing things and scratching yourself inappropriately. Once I've realized that I started to wonder: Why not utilize the power of hands to improve the gameplay of [Speer]? And then I did exactly that.

Introducing a new mechanic: Scratching yourself Carrying and throwing items!

As you can see you are now able to pick up, carry and throw certain items to get them where you need them to be. You do this by pressing the Shoot button so the control scheme does not get any more complex and a button prompt shows you exactly when you'll pick up the item and when you'll throw a Speer.

I've added this mechanic to add a bit more verticality to the puzzle-solving; throwing Speers is a horizontal affair and the only vertical aspect to the game so far was jumping/climbing/bouncing upwards. By letting players carry and throw items they gain a lot more flexibility and opportunities to move around the stage and approach puzzles from different angles. 

It should be noted that although you can't throw a Speer while carrying an item, you can (and have to) combine this new mechanic with your Speer to get around the levels. Take a look at this example:

I feel like this new mechanic adds a whole new layer to [Speer] and will make the game a lot more enjoyable. And if you're sceptical, well, I've got some good news: This Saturday, 09/09/2017 I will upload a new playable build of the game here on so you can give it a try yourself! Mark your calendars, tell everyone you know and love and as always, make sure to follow me on Twitter for constant updates!

See you on Saturday!

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