Devlog #15: The Platform Rundown

A platformer game needs some platforms, so let's look at some of the platforms you'll encounter in Go! Go! PogoGirl!

First up, we have the Countdown Platforms. These can be bounced on a total of three times; on the third bounce they drop out of the stage. They change color with each bounce, so you'll know when to get away. Since they're pretty stable, you can both stomp on them and charge up a high jump!

Next we have the Falling Platforms. These are platforms that fall when you bounce on them. Yes, unlike their Countdown cousins, these platforms can only take a single bounce before dropping off the stage. And since they're a bit flimsy, stomping on them will make you crash straight through, so watch out!

Not all platforms in the game fall down when you bounce on them though. The Spinning Platforms will remain in place, but spin at regular intervals. You can't land on them while they're spinning, so make sure to time your bounce right! You can also charge a high jump on them, but you'd better be quick, or you'll get thrown off.

Finally, we have the Shifting Platforms. These are especially tricky, because they move when you bounce on them! They are useful because you can get them into the position you want, and they will also help you cross larger gaps...but only if you manage to hit the platform again.

This was a quick look at some (not all) of the platform types in Go! Go! PogoGirl. I've tried to come up with a set that was easy to grasp but still allowed for some varied gameplay. Of course you'll also encounter combinations of these platforms, especially in the later levels. So make sure to familiarize yourself with their quirks and flex those platforming muscles!

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